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Letter to Congressman Ben Chandler Re: Airline mechanic calls the FAA hotline and 110 people die as a result of their inaction.

Last post 01-30-2007, 1:38 PM by chickenlittle92071. 2 replies.
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  •  01-27-2007, 9:33 PM 3989

    Letter to Congressman Ben Chandler Re: Airline mechanic calls the FAA hotline and 110 people die as a result of their inaction.

    Congressman Chandler,
    I have recently sent several messages to you containing information about the crash of Comair5191 at Lexington Bluegrass airport.
    In these letters, I have asked to testify to the aviation subcommittee about the crash and other issues of aviation safety.  I have heard nothing from you.
    I would like to point out another instance where the FAA had failed to do their job. Again, innocent airline passengers had to give their lives.
    An mechanic who worked for Valujet airlines in Miami called the FAA hot line and warned them about a condition which posed an imminent danger to the flying public.  He even told them about aircraft #904, the plane that crashed, having electrical problems and illegal maintenance procedures used to fix the problem on the morning of the crash. He assumed that the FAA would finally do their job and rectify the dangerous condition. 
    After five weeks of seeing no action on the part of the FAA, his worst fears came to bear  when VJ592 crashed with 110 fatalities.  Imagine the guilt he suffered for not calling back sooner to insure the FAA reacted as they should and prevent this senseless tragedy.  Here is the FAA document again which shows the mechanic called five weeks prior and three days after the crash...
    The NTSB's final report on the crash doesn't even mention this important information and apparently never attempted to interview him.  It appears as if the NTSB realized the FAA's guilt in the crash and attempted to look the other way to protect another federal agency, and even let the FAA conduct the most crucial tests of the oxygen canisters, which they botched as well.
    Will the NTSB's final report on Comair 5191 tell the people the truth? See what the families of the ValuJet592 accident say about the way they were treated by the FAA and NTSB in their press release...
    I called the FAA hot line and they took no action either. 
    After TW800 went down, James Kallstrom asked the American people for help in the investigation.  We sent him the same letter three times and he refused to accept it.  Here's the proof...
    Isn't it time we let the American people know the truth?
    You could find this air traffic controller and subpoena her to testify as well.
    We could face years of jail time for lying to Congress.  I have no fear, I am armed with the truth.  I don't need any screens or voice-altering electronic devices to protect my identity.
    I have hundreds of hours of taped telephone conversations with co-workers, the FAA, the DOT IG, the FBI, the NTSB, and even the Whitehouse to play for you and the American people which paint a very graphic picture of the truth.
    I cannot understand why you and other members of the aviation subcommittee would want to cover up these crimes perpetrated by the FAA.  It is mass murder by an agency of the federal government and nothing more.
    Please call me immediately, you have my number.  We must let the American people know about these crimes. It is your job to protect the flying public, let's stop the killing.
    This message will be sent to the Comair5191 family members, Capt. Quiello at Delta Airlines, and the press in Lexington.
    Best Regards,
    James Bergquist
  •  01-28-2007, 9:24 PM 3995 in reply to 3989

    Re: Letter to Congressman Ben Chandler Re: Airline mechanic calls the FAA hotline and 110 people die as a result of their inaction.

    Here's the letter I sent to the NTSB about their coverup...



  •  01-30-2007, 1:38 PM 4004 in reply to 3989

    Re: Letter to Congressman Ben Chandler Re: Airline mechanic calls the FAA hotline and 110 people die as a result of their inaction.

    Contact ALPA, DALPA, AFA, APFA, and NATCA unions to lobby aviation subcommittee of congress calling for hearings on aviation safety
    If anyone is a member of the Airline Pilots Association (ALPA), Delta Airlines Pilots Association (DALTA), Association of Flight Attendants (AFA),  Association of Professional Flight Attendants (APFA), or National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA),  I urge you to post my messages on your union forums. Also contact your union's safety departments and ask them to look into this safety issue.
     As you may be able to see, the press, aviation subcommittee of congress, and the family members of past disasters do not want to see an investigation into these crimes that pose an imminent danger to the flying public. The life you save may be your own.
    Here are links to the contact  pages..
    and their snailmail address and phone number...
    Air Line Pilots Association, Int'l, 1625 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036 (703) 689-2270
    Association of Flight Attendants (AFA)...
    Email and phone numbers...
    Association of Professional Flight Attendants (APFA)...
    National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA)..
    I also ask anyone else who wants to get involved to contact Congressman Chandler's office and call for an investigation into the air traffic controller's action in the crash of Comair5191 and ValuJet592, and other aviation-related crimes on the part of the FAA.  Here is his home page..
    when you get on the email contact page at...
    list your state as Kentucky and your zipcode as  40383  (you can leave the four digit suffix blank),  this is the only way to assure the message is forwarded and make it to ATTN: Kerry Kohler, his aviation staffer.
    If you prefer to call on the phone, here is the link to his office phone numbers...
    Here is a link to the contact information on the aviation subcommittee...
    Here is a list of the phone numbers for the members of the Commerce committee...
    When you contact them, please post in this thread so others can see they won't be the first to step up to the plate.  Also please post if you get any response from them. This will also keep this thread on the first page where others can view it.  You can make a difference. The American people deserve more from their government.
    I and my associates are more than willing to testify to the subcommittee.  We know that we would face lengthy prison time for lying to Congress and have been asking to testify for many years.
    Thanks You,
    James Bergquist
    air safety activist
    former USAF and FAA air traffic controller
    former San Diego County NATCA representative
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