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Wanted - Wide Body Aircraft for Short Term Charter

Last post 08-21-2012, 7:22 AM by airdealer. 5 replies.
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  •  04-08-2010, 11:57 PM 9102

    Wanted - Wide Body Aircraft for Short Term Charter

    We have a requirement for the following aircraft for World Cup Charters to SA.


    Group One
    One Aircraft 220 - 300 seats
    Approximately 40 hours of block flying
    (could be 80 depending upon final pax numbers) - 3 week period in June.

    Group Two
    Two Aircraft 220 - 300 seats
    1 aircraft approximately 84 hours of block flying , 2nd aircraft approx 42 hours of block flying - 5 week period Jun/Jul.
    Block hours could double or triple depending upon final passenger numbers.

    Alternatively, base 2 aircraft in SA for a 5 week period with average 100 block hours per aircraft??

    Currently we have a minimum of 1500 pax up to a maximum of 3000 pax to move.

    Ideas and suggestions welcome?

  •  04-09-2010, 5:20 AM 9104 in reply to 9102

    Re: Wanted - Wide Body Aircraft for Short Term Charter

    Dear Sirs,

    we have availability of two L1011 aircraft available for that ops.
    Please contact us directly to

    Tell us your direct email contact as well.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


    EMS consultant
  •  04-10-2010, 12:55 AM 9108 in reply to 9102

    Re: Wanted - Wide Body Aircraft for Short Term Charter

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    Please send us your direct contact details on

    We can help you in your charter requirments but we would need some more information.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Best Regards,


    Titan Aviation- Dubai

  •  04-10-2010, 3:45 PM 9111 in reply to 9102

    Re: Wanted - Wide Body Aircraft for Short Term Charter

    Hello Jet Express
    This is Gary Gabrielson of Classic Ship and Aircraft in Northern California.  We work together with a lessor in Portugal, and they should be able to meet these requests at a good rate, and for the time periods wanted on the Airbus A310 (202-237 Pax) project.  Please forward (and CC to me) all your contact information, all your routes, base airport, start date, etc. to:
    Stefan Buschle
    OMNI Aviation
    Rua Henrique Callado, n.º4 - Piso 2 Rua Henrique Callado, No. 4 - 2nd Floor
    2740-303 Porto Salvo - Portugal 
    Tel: +351 21 9457560 
    Mobile: +351 91 9407498 
    Fax: +351 21 9457569
    24H: +351 91 8710 955

    On this there will be no fee for our company, as we are contracted with OMNI Aviation in Portugal to receive percentage of deposit and monthly fees from Stefan Buschle when we arrange a lease for him.  I have CC'd Mr. Buschle this message so he is aware of your request.  He will send you a professional offer as soon as you can get him the information suggested above.
    Talk to you both soon,
          Gary Gabrielson
          Classic Ship and Aircraft
    4370 North Canyon Road
          Camino , CA 95709 USA

          PH  +001 530 295 7606
  •  04-13-2010, 9:51 AM 9119 in reply to 9102

    Re: Wanted - Wide Body Aircraft for Short Term Charter

    Dear Sirs.
    we are pleased to inform you that we have B767's 253 Y 12 C that could fit in to your operation, could you kindly submit your contact data to, for further information
    Look forward to your answer, thanks and
    best regards,

  •  08-21-2012, 7:22 AM 11754 in reply to 9104

    Re: Wanted - Wide Body Aircraft for Short Term Charter

    dear sir,

    For one of our clients , we are interested in L1011 for outright purchase
    The unit must be able to fly to the US , even if one ferry flight.

    If available , kindly send the needed details to proceed.

    oskar laszakovits
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